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The Birth of Empowerment University for Children

At the time, Jacqui Wilson, Founder of  Christian Children’s Empowerment (CCE), did not know that one request would lead to something as great as Empowerment University for Children (EUC). In the Giotto area of Nakuru, Kenya, a set of teachers who were providing free tutoring classes in partnership with Pink Elephant and Our Roots Kenya asked if they could use CCE’s free bible study lessons. Immediately, the answer was yes. Afterward, it was asked if Jacqui and CCE would like to become involved in the effort to teach the children English. These mostly orphaned children were going through the trash dump site searching for anything to sell. Learning English would increase their chances of employment. Not having the ability to attend school due to the lack of resources diminished their ability to support themselves, which was leading to larger, more dangerous issues. So, the children became a part of CCE’s children’s magazine, and we saw success budding. However, they were not the only ones facing issues.


On the other side of the world, Jacqui was constantly hearing the cries of children struggling in the classroom. They were having a difficult time learning material according to the standard regulation. Then, she heard from teenagers who felt unprepared for life. Further, she was working with a friend’s special needs son who needed unique visual learning devices and music to enhance his learning ability. Finally, she heard the frustrations of parents who were at their wits end on how to help their children face certain challenges. After the pandemic hit, the challenges became more difficult for everyone. God calls us to help our brothers and sisters, and EUC is the answer to that call. Now, we will have both free and paid materials, classes, and events to meet the needs of the children of the world. Since EUC is primarily online, any parent or educator can safely access materials, classes, and special events at anytime or any place to meet a child’s spiritual, academic, and skills enhancement needs. We are building it. Now, come. 

What’s Happening with EUC?

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